Bloomfield Ink was established in 2021 by Prue MacLeod and Emerald Dangerfield.

Prue, with a background in Fashion and Art, and Emerald in Textile Design formed the collaboration on realising a shared passion for colour, pattern, design and the effect of the environments we inhabit. Using traditional methods of design and production we celebrate craft and an artisan approach with a fresh and contemporary attitude. We produce Wallpaper.


All of our Wallpapers are designed and produced by hand block printing in the UK using the highest quality papers. We are very lucky to work with a traditionally run family business of printers in Lincoln who produce the final papers in our designs.

Bloomfield Ink is a design led collaboration. Particularly drawn to botanical and organic shapes. Our Inspiration is rooted in nature and the ever-changing world around us. 

Sprouting from a conversation over a lunch time salad, the seed for Bloomfield Ink came into being in 2021.

Since then, ideas, designs and people have sprung from Oxfordshire, Herefordshire and London and have come to life in an old red tin barn in Herefordshire, before heading up north into the hands of expert printers.

Come with a story… Discovered in the old tin barn, they started their lives as Winsor and Newton powder paints inherited from Emerald’s grandparents and previously used both for art and set design. No longer in production, they are priceless and unique.

With huge sentimental value, they are cherished for their beauty, strength and longevity and making use of what one has.

They represent core values we as a company aim to embody.

During the sampling stage for each collection, the pigments are lovingly hand mixed, are then matched and replicated by expert printers to produce the colours in our collections.


We endeavour to deliver exceptional quality Wallpaper that is made to last. Our Wallpapers are designed to create a harmonious backdrop to the rest of your interior needs. We aim to celebrate colour and inspire feelings of optimism, warmth and calm.